This Perl script is used to generate suggestions for unsuccessful UniProt queries. For every such prefix, the list of all strings starting by the specified prefix is selected and a random sample is saved as list of offered suggestions.

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use strict;
use warnings;

use List::Util 'shuffle';
use Tree::Prefix;

# =============== parameters ===============

our $limit=10;		# number of suggestions to show
our $min_char=2;

# ======================= initialize =======================

my @species=qw/drome caeel human/;

our $tree=new Tree::Prefix;
my $pwd=$tree->pwd;

# ======================= read from file =======================

for my $species (@species) {
	print STDERR "loading species: $species\n";



# ========== fill empty lists with random selection of completions ==========
sub fill_up_lists {
	my $prefix="";

	# when called recursively, current prefix is expected as argument
	if (@_>0) {

	for my $letter (@{$tree->list_dir($prefix)}) {
		# fill up empty and long enough prefixes
		if (length $prefix.$letter >= $min_char && @{$tree->list_files($prefix.$letter)} == 0) {
			print "filling $prefix$letter\n";

			my $ls=$tree->{hash}->list_files($prefix.$letter);

			# get 10 random elements
			my @ls=shuffle(@$ls);
			@ls=@ls[0..min($limit, $#ls)];

			$tree->{dir}->insert_files($prefix.$letter, \@ls);


# ========== smallest element of given parameters ==========
sub min {
	my $min=100000000000;
	for (@_) {
		if ($_<$min) { $min=$_ }

	return $min;